1. Welcome to Orientation!

2. USI

3. Gmail, Moodle and Wisenet

We use Wisenet as our student management system. All your information including contacts, invoices, timetable, course
progress & attendance is being stored there. You are required to update your contact information and USI number on login.

Moodle is our online learning platform. It allows you to view, discuss and submit your assessments & other work.

* Your Moodle and Wisenet login details were sent into your email address.

4. Google Drive

Your course

Each course is separated into 9 weeks. If you start in week 1, you will see full 9 weeks. However, if you started in week 6 (midterm), you will see only weeks 6, 7, 8 & 9. Every week appears as a collapsed section, current week is opened and labeled with red outline. All materials are separated into corresponding weeks – assessments, submission points, distance learning and resources. Trainer may add new resources to each week according to your current unit.

Submitting Assessments

You have to submit all your assessments before the due date. The due date is always shown under the assessment’s submission point altogether with the cut-off date. Remember, you will not be able to submit your assessments after the cut-off date & submitting assessments after the due date may result in strict marking or affect your progress. You are required to upload your assessment into the submission point and click the “Submit” button. This will create first version of your assessment.

Version Control

As per compliance requirements, we have to monitor your assessment progress. Each student has the option to submit 3 times. In case the first assessment you submitted is not satisfactory, you will receive second attempt. If the second attempt is not satisfactory either, you will receive your third and last attempt. As a result of failing the assessment 3 times in a row or not submitting the assessment, your final outcome will show not-satisfactory progress – you will be charged for resubmission of your assessment/s.

Trainer’s Comments

Each version of your assessment will receive a comment from your trainer. This will help you to achieve a satisfactory grade.


You can receive 4 different grades:
F – you failed your assessment due to identified plagiarism. In this case, you do not have the option to submit second version of assessment and your case will be forwarded to the Student Support Officer for evaluation.
DNS – you failed to submit your assessment.
NS – your assessment is not satisfactory, you have to amend & resubmit your assessment.
S – your assessment is satisfactory, no further input required.
Whenever you receive a grade, you will be notified in your email inbox, so please make sure you check your inbox on regular basis!

Distance Learning

Distance learning is your weekly online learning that has to be completed outside your face-to-face sessions. You have to submit your distance learning submission weekly before Sunday, 11:55pm. Distance learning cannot be resubmitted after the due date or outside the DL’s current week. You can resubmit only in case the learning system – Moodle was not accessible or similar and every case will be reviewed by Moodle admin before you are allowed to resubmit.

6. Provider Toolkit

7. Orientation Test

  • Please refer to step 2 of the orientation