LLN Test Diploma Leadership and Management

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • An organisaztions culture, style, and Structure influense how its business functions are performed. the organsiations level of management maturity and its management suystement can also includen the new business. When a new business; involves external entities such as those that are opart of a joint venture or partnering agreement, the new business will be influenced by more than 1 organisation. The following senctions describe oprganisational Characteristics, factors and assets within an enterprise that are liekly to ingludene the new business.
  • 3. James’s study plans are described below. Please read the following paragraph and answer the questions.

    James completed year 12 at the age of eighteen and wanted a career that included leadership in the business sector. James is now 25 and wishes to update his studies. He likes working with a team and prides himself on being a natural leader. He is looking at gaining appropriate training to ensure he can get promoted. He wants to attend a Diploma of Leadership and Management.

  • 4. Based on the table below, you are required to calculate the following:

    ItemQuantityUnit PriceSub-Total
  • 5. Using the roster below to answer the following questions:

    Daniel - Cafe ManagerMonday – Saturday (6:00 AM to 13:00 PM) one hour break
    Mariana - Barista Monday – Friday (7:00 AM to 12:00 PM) half hour break
  • a. Human __ __s__ __r__ __ __
  • b. C__ __ __ __ Executive O__ __ __ __ __ __
  • c. Conti__ __ __ __ __ Improv__ __ __ __ __
  • 9. You need to prepare a budget for your car’s yearly expenses. You plan to use your car for 5000 kms. per year and you want to spend less than $3000 per year.
    Items Unit Price Quantity
    Fuel $2 for 10 Kms. 5000
    Insurance (CTP + Comprehensive Insurance) $600 2
    Rego $500 1
  • A towbar is used to attach together a trailer to a car.
  • 12. Triple Constraint or Iron Triangle is a term often used in business and project management. It refers to the following diagram:

    SCOPE refers to what activities are involved, plans, actions, for example your travel to Australia and what was involved in making that trip happen

    TIME refers to what actions or steps are required at each point to arrive at your goal such as the steps you had to take to plan your trip to Australia for example, book your flight, obtain a visa, find a school, and find an agent, save the funds required and so on. These are also known as mile stones.

    BUDGET/COST determines what you can and cannot do in achieving your goal such as did your budget for your trip to Australia include any sightseeing holidays or scuba diving lessons

    QUALITY refers to what kind of service/product level you will be able to have based on all three other areas of time, scope and budget. Hence, the term triple constraint, if you increase the scope you increase the cost which also increases the time it takes to achieve your goal.