LLN Test Advanced Diploma Leadership and Management

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  • 2. Read the following text and then answer a series of questions.

    The service

    Bounce fitness was originally created for the sole purpose of providing personal training services in the Cairns area in far North Queensland. They now have centres in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. The centres are based in rented facilities located in or near the largest shopping centre in each city. The facilities are easily accessible, have child care, a coffee shop, substantial parking and are serviced by public transport. Where appropriate, however Bounce Fitness will provide training at a customer's premises. A key selling point to date is Bounce Fitness charges for its memberships. Due to Bounce Fitness ability to negotiate favourable leases for their facilities and equipment as well as relatively low overheads, it has been able to offer customers a less costly membership option.

  • Peter often exagerates the truth when he is talking bout the size of the fish he catches when he has been out fishing.
  • A towbar is used to attach together a trailer to a car.
  • 16. SMART is an acronym used to define how well written and achievable a goal should look like.It stands for:

    SpecificWhat exactly is the goal
    MeasurableIf you can not measure it, it can not be managed
    AchievableIt must be something that is within reach
    RealisticIs it doable
    TimeframeMust have set dates to start and end

    Consider this goal: Getting my driver’s licence. Using the SMART method we would ask ourselves a number of questions before writing our goal.

    SWill get a driver’s licence
    Mon first attempt
    AIs this something you could do?
    R Is there anything you can or cannot control that would prevent you from achieving this goal - eg illness, disability, enough time
    Tby my 18th birthday, two years from when I will be able to get my learner’s permit

    Therefore the SMART goal could look like this;
    By my 18th birthday in 2 year’s time, I will pass my driver’s licence on my first attempt

  • 17. Albert is a new sales assistant at Hardware and General. His job is to assist customers in their selection of hand and power tools and process sales using the point of sale (POS) cash registers. Albert is a qualified carpenter and has not used a retail system since high school days some 30 years ago, when they were manual cash registers. However, he is confident in using a computer at home to surf the internet.

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