Nortwest College offers a wide range of courses in Business, Management, Marketing, Project Management and Website Development from Certificates up to Diploma and Advanced Diploma level. We have carefully chosen the courses and use industry representatives to consult on our curriculum. Our training focuses on gaining real experience with industry benchmark.


RPL & RCC is an assessment process that allows for recognisation of competencies currently held, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred. RPL assesses the individual’s prior learning to determine the extent to which that individual is currently competent against the required learning outcomes, competency outcomes, or standards for entry to, and/or partial or total completion of a qualification.

  1. Application for a refund must be made in writing and signed by the applicant. The enrolment fee is not refundable. Students must provide written authorisation for monies to be refunded to third parties. Refund requests must be submitted within 21 days of the issue causing the need to apply for the refund or the application will not be considered. Applications after that date would only be considered where there are compelling or compassionate reasons to justify the late submission, and no later than 42 days after the issue arose.
    1. Where Nortwest is advised of the cancellation at least six (6) weeks before the course commencement date the balance of tuition fees provided to Nortwest will be refunded.
    2. Where Nortwest is advised of the cancellation between four to six (4-6) weeks before course commencement, a $300 fee will apply and the balance of tuition fees provided to Nortwest refunded.
    3. Where Nortwest is advised of the cancellation between two to four (2-4) weeks before course commencement, a $500 fee will apply and the balance of tuition fees provided to Nortwest refunded.
    4. Where Nortwest is advised of cancellation seven (7) days or less of course commencement, or after course commencement, tuition fees are non refundable. Fees considered for conditional refund in part or full include the following circumstances:
  2. For overseas students where a visa application is rejected and evidence is provided in writing from the Immigration Department, the provisions of 2 (2a, 2b, 2c and 2d) above apply in determining the tuition fee refundable according to the written notification to Nortwest. Again, If seven (7) days or less written notification is received before course commencement, or written notification is received after course commencement, tuition fees are non refundable. Applicant/student requiring a visa is advised to attend to the visa issues at the earliest opportunity.
  3. Where offshore students have not received a visa approval within two (2) weeks prior to course commencement, they may request a deferral of the course start date without deferral charges. The student must contact Nortwest at that time and apply for the deferral in writing. The obligation is on the student to contact Nortwest and the application must be done prior to course commencement to be considered for this provision.
  4. Refunds are not provided after the commencement date of the course unless the policy area specifies this.
  5. Nortwest reserves the right to expel students for serious breaches of discipline following appropriate disciplinary procedures. No refund will be considered by Nortwest for expelled students.
  6. It is essential that applicants understand, and are capable of meeting all course entry requirements as specified in the conditions of offer. No refund will be considered by Nortwest for any misleading or false information given by the student and used as the reason for refund request.
  7. Overseas Student Health Cover is non refundable once a course or package of courses has commenced. Any claim is with the health cover provider and not Nortwest.
  8. Resource fees are non-refundable within 21 days prior to course commencement.
  9. In the unlikely event that Nortwest is unable to deliver your course in full, you will be offered a pro rata refund of all unused course money you have paid to date. The refund will be paid to you within two (2) weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, you may be offered enrolment in an alternative course by Nortwest at no extra cost to you. You have the right to choose whether you would prefer a full refund of course fees, or to accept a place in another course. If Nortwest is unable to provide a refund or place you in an alternative course, the TPS Director or representative authority will attempt to place you in a suitable alternative course or, if this is not possible, you will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the TPS Director.
  10. Where students have agents or another approved party to act on their behalf, any refund that is provided will be done so without any cash back, incentive or agent fees that have been paid to the agent or other approved parties.
  11. In the case of student defaults, no refund will be allowed. Nortwest reserves the right to claim any outstanding fee for the course/s the student has originally enrolled in. A student defaults when:
    1. Student failed to pay an amount they were liable to pay to the provider directly or indirectly, in order to undertake a course at Nortwest.
    2. The student breached a condition/s of their student visa, and the visa was cancelled.
    3. Misbehavior by the student in the case of overseas students.
  1. Any student, wishing to leave the course(s) they have originally enrolled in must apply for termination in writing using the request form and pay any administration fee. Without an application completed and approved termination will not be accepted.
  2. Refunds (if applicable) will be considered in accordance with the Refund policy. Nortwest reserves the right to claim any outstanding fee for the course(s) the student has originally enrolled in. An application for refund must be in writing and within the timeframes specified in the policy.

Deferment, Suspension or Cancellation of Course

  1. Students may be able to defer or cancel their course at Nortwest in accordance with Nortwest’s Deferment, Suspension and Cancellation Policy.
  2. In the event of deferment or cancellation of a course initiated by a student, Nortwest will refund fees in accordance with refund provisions stated in the Refund policy. However, in the event of a student’s successful application for a course deferment, course fees and charges remain due on the scheduled dates.
  3. Students who apply for deferral and are approved are still required to pay the full fees prior to the course commencement and granting deferral is conditional on this. Students are also required to pay the term fees at the due date as per the agreement at the due dates unless Nortwest nominates otherwise. Should a student cancel or withdraw their enrolment whilst on deferment a non refundable fee of $750 applies and may be deducted from fees paid. Further to this:-
    1. where the student cancels enrolment between 4 to 6 weeks before course commencement or resumption of studies an additional $300 fee will apply
    2. where the student cancels enrolment between 2 to 4 weeks before course commencement or resumption of studies an additional $500 fee will apply
    3. Should the deferred student withdraw or cancel their enrolment with less than 2 weeks of course commencement or resumption, or after course commencement, tuition fees are non refundable
  4. In the event of suspension or cancellation initiated by Nortwest before course commencement, fees will be considered only in accordance with the conditions of refund stated in this policy.

Change of tuition fees

  • In the event Nortwest changes its fee structure:
  • Students and third parties where applicable will be informed in writing at least 4 weeks in advance of new fee and charges.
  • Existing students will generally pay the same tuition fees for the current course with fees then adjusted for future courses.
  • New students are subject to any changed or new charges.
  • Students where a letter of offer and invoice have been issued for a course to start, will be allowed to enrol at the same price unless the letter of offer validity has expired. If a letter of offer’s validity has expired, a new letter of offer reflecting the current fees will be issued and apply.
  • That course charges and fees may change as necessary as a result of CPI, compliance cost increases and support charge increases that arise.

  • Nortwest will require a payment of your course fees (including Enrolment and Material fees) before you can be issued with a Confirmation of Enrolment.


  • After a commencement of your course you will be required to make contribution towards your course fees in advance per each term. You will receive a Student Agreement where you will be provided with a Course payment schedule and you will have to agree to the terms in writing.


  • overseas students must have paid course fees, enrolment fee and OSHC fee to secure their enrolment with Nortwest. In general, students will pay the same fee at the time of enrolment until completion of the same course. However, rescheduling of any course or subject may incur fee increases as per current Fees and Charges.